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Saturday, March 25, 2006

KOV - 2 Timothy 3:16a

In the KOV 2 Timothy 3:16a is translated: “គ្រប់​ទាំង​បទ​គម្ពីរ គឺជា​ព្រះ​ទ្រង់​បាន​បញ្ចេញ​ព្រះ​វិញ្ញាណ​បណ្តាល​ឲ្យ​តែង​ទេ...”

I believe the KOV is not wholly accurate in its translation of “θεοπνευστος” in this verse.

Here is a interlinear Greek/English text (with Khmer added) of the first part of verse 16:

πασα 3956[EVERY, ទាំង​ងស់] γραφη 1124[SCRIPTURE "IS", បត​គម្ពីរ​​ "គឺជា"] θεοπνευστος 2315[GOD-BREATHED,​ ផ្លុំ​ដោយ​ព្រះ]

The Greek word “θεοπνευστος” (only used once in the New Testament) is the main focus of this post – the word comes from “Θεός” [God, ព្រះ] and πνέω [to breathe, to breathe out, ដកដង្ហើម, ដង្ហើមចេញ]

The word “θεοπνευστος” brings with it the idea of, “breathing upon, or breathing into the soul,” is that which the word naturally conveys. Thus, God breathed into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life Gen_2:7, and thus the Saviour breathed on his disciples, and said, “receive ye the Holy Ghost;” Joh_20:22. The idea seems to have been, that the life was in the breath, and that an intelligent spirit was communicated with the breath.” [quoted from Albert Barnes' Notes on the Bible]

Rather than saying (literal translation of the Khmer), “All Scripture, is God forced out the Spirit to cause to create”

I believe this might be a better translation (I favor the first translation being that it better follows the word order of the Greek:
“គ្រប់​ទាំង​បទ​គម្ពីរ ​បាន​ដង្ហើម​ចេញ​ដោយ​​ព្រះ...”​
“គ្រប់​ទាំង​បទ​គម្ពីរ ព្រះ​បាន​ដង្ហើម​ចេញ...”​

I removed the "គឺជា" that the KOV had placed in this verse being that there is no equivalent in the Greek in this verse​ (that's why “is” is in quotes in the interlinear, because the Greek doesn't have it) and it didn't sound like it was needed for the Khmer. Does anyone think it would be better left in? And if so, where?


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